Posted: February 20, 2017 in Army Mom
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For the most part, countdowns are something I enjoy. It is a constant in a military family. In saying that, countdowns can also be something I loathe.

Right now, I am counting down the weeks until my son is back on US soil. What began as many months ago is now down to just a few short weeks which I can easily convert over to days. I will soon be able to convert those days into hours and hours into minutes.

How lucky are we to have something to look forward to? To have someone to love or something that excites us. If it’s not a homecoming, maybe it is the excitement of a new relationship. Or maybe it is even a long distance relationship and you are counting down the days til you can see your significant other again. Maybe it is a much needed vacation. Or maybe it’s simply a holiday.

Deployments suck but I can only imagine how bittersweet and amazing the homecoming will be. I’m counting it down. I feel like a kid again counting down to Christmas!




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