Pity Party

Posted: September 5, 2015 in Army Mom
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Today has been a tough day. For the most part I have had a good couple of weeks. We finally got an address for him as well as link to his company in which pictures are uploaded weekly of their training. I have felt a little more connected to him again…finally! But today, I am seeing so many friends on Facebook post about their kid being in for the weekend or meeting up with them to enjoy opening day of college football season together and I am sitting at home jealous. For seventeen years I mentally prepared myself to let him go off to college, not the military. I can’t text him whenever just to say “hello” or “miss you”. I can’t call him to see how his day has been and he can’t call and let me know he has had a rough day and needs a pep talk or just some advice from mom. I can’t meet him halfway for dinner on the weekends just for some family time together. Military families truly do sacrifice in ways that others just don’t understand. I would love to cook him a meal. As much as I hate doing laundry, I would love to be scrubbing stains off his jeans from fishing or helping a buddy work on a truck. Heck, I would love to fuss at him for something! Most of all, this mom just needs a hug from her kid.


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